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Countryside chalets in the heart of Central Scotland near Falkirk, Stirling, Alloa, Glasgow & Edinburgh.


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Family Owned Business

Owned and Managed by Laraine Binnie

With many years of experience in training, caring for, and working with animals, I established Airth Kennels to provide a service that would meet my own exacting standards and the expectations that I would have if I were to board my own animals in our kennels.

Both myself and my excellent staff are passionate about working with our boarders and it is a pleasure to come into contact with them on a daily basis.  

Business or Pleasure

Be it for business or for pleasure you need to make the very best provisions for your dog.

For most of you, looking forward to your holiday is the highlight of the year, whether it be in the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

To meet your needs, Airth Kennels is open all year round. (
With the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Hogmanay, New Years Day and the 2nd of January.)

I believe it’s the level of care and attention at Airth Kennels that enables your dog to enjoy, rather than endure their stay and is why we see our customers and their dogs returning time after time.

Laraine Binnie

Owner, Airth Kennels

Your Dog will settle in quickly at Airth Kennels

Purpose built and opened in December 2007, our luxury five paw accommodation is spacious and comfortable.

Warm in winter and cool in summer.

Each kennel has it’s own tiled and extensively shaded outdoor run and a comfortable, fully tiled, under floor heated sleeping quarters.

You may also wish to bring in some of your dogs own possessions, such as 1 toy, bed and 1 blanket.

We are more than happy for you to do this and will make every endeavour to return all items to you in good condition.

However, this is done at your own risk as we cannot accept liability for damaged or missing possessions.

Your Dog will settle in quickly at Airth Kennels


Dogs with special needs are catered for, including those with special dietary and medication requirements.

Puppies will, of course, receive the individual attention needed, to ensure feeding at the required regular intervals.


Each dog is given the opportunity to exercise 5 times daily in one of our six large, enclosed, all weather exercise areas; one of which is covered for adverse weather conditions.

Even the most expert ball players are kept interested!

We also have an indoor exercise area making sure on wet days everyone stays dry and comfortable.


Popular with those of you who have to work all day, we offer day boarding facilities to ensure that your dog has not been left at home alone all day for whatever reason.

You can return home from a hard days work with your dog who is equally as tired as yourself!

He or she has been fed and exercised which allows you to put your feet up and enjoy each others relaxed company for the rest of the evening.


What if you lost your pet?

Pet-detect microchipping gives you peace of mind and permanent identification for life.

A tiny insert chip cannot be altered or lost. It’s Easy, Safe, Pain Free for your dog and we can offer this service for you at Airth Kennels.